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Hexetidine (Bactidol) Oromucosal Solution

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Dosage Strength: 0.1% (w/v) oromucosal solution




As part of oral hygiene regimen; Treatment of throat and mouth infections, e.g. mouth sore or ulcer, thrush, gingivitis (bleeding gums), halitosis (bad breath), and sore throat; Also used to prevent infections before and after dental procedures.

Per 100 mL solution: Hexetidine 0.1 g


Local Antiseptic


ADULTS & CHILDREN above 6 yrs. old:
Rinse mouth or gargle 15 mL- 20 mL of undiluted solution for 30 seconds. Use morning and evening, or as directed by the doctor.


Do not dilute. For external use only. Do not swallow. Caution use in children, and pregnant or lactating women.

Side Effects

Mild numbness or irritation of the tongue or inside of the mouth; Rarely, taste alteration or disturbance.