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Calcium Lactate (United Home Calactate) Tablet

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Dosage Strength:650 mg tablet

Size:100 pcs/bottle



As source of daily calcium intake for the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency such as osteoporosis.




ADULTS & ADOLESCENTS: Take 1 (325 mg) tablet 3-4 times daily, or 1-2 tablets (each tab of 650 mg) daily with meals.


Monitor concentration of serum calcium and kidney function when taken in large doses. Caution use in patients with history of kidney stones or other renal disease. Seek medical advice before using this product if pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking other medications like tetracyclines and cardiac glycosides.

Side Effects

Mild gastrointestinal reactions


This product should not be given to patients with known hypersensitivity or allergy to any of its components, with hypercalcemia or hypercalciuria, kidney failure or severe renal disease, and hypervitaminosis D (very high dose of Vitamin D).