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Phospholipids (Essentiale Forte P) Capsule

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Dosage Strength:300 mg capsule

Size:per piece



Nutritional support for damaged liver due to toxins or diseases such as fatty liver and liver cirrhosis (complicated scarring of the liver).

Each capsule: 300 mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs) from soya beans


Liver Therapy


ADULTS & CHILDREN above 12 yrs. old: Take 2 capsules 3 times a day, with meals and plenty of water.


Caution use in patients with chronic hepatitis. Not recommended for children below 12 yrs. old. Seek doctor's advice if pregnant or breastfeeding before using any medication or supplement.

Side Effects

Stomach discomforts, soft stool, and diarrhea.


This product should not be given to patients with allergy to soya bean or to any of its ingredients.