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Natalwiz Capsule

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As food supplement for pregnant and lactating women.

Per capsule:
Taurine 100 mg, vit A (40% β-carotene) 3,454 IU, vit D3 420 IU, vit E 11 IU, thiamine mononitrate 2 mg, riboflavin 2 mg, pyridoxine HCl 2 mg, cyanocobalamin 3.6 mcg, ascorbic acid 140 mg, folic acid 450 mcg, niacinamide 20 mg, ferrous sulfate 32 mg, calcium pantothenate 6 mg, calcium phosphate 330 mg, zinc sulfate 15 mg, potassium iodide 135 mcg, copper sulfate 1 mg, magnesium oxide 2.5 mg, manganese sulfate 1 mg


Prenatal Supplements/ Vitamins & Minerals


Recommended dosage: Take 1 capsule a day, or as prescribed by the doctor.


Do not take more than the recommended dosage. Pregnant and lactating women should consult the doctor first before taking any supplement or medication.


This product should not be given to patients with known allergy to any of its ingredients.